RAX Jailbreak for Uconnect 8.4 (Ram 1500)

I recently ordered the RAX Jailbreak Silver+ package for my 2015 Ram 1500 from Customtronix Sweden.

Installation was simple and I know have a front camera as well as the ability to enter addresses into the NAV while in motion.

Some points for those of you interested in purchasing RAX.

  • The setup was simple. Copy the files they send you to a USB (MAC or Windows, just be sure the drive is FAT32). Place the token file in the token folder.
  • You can keep a copy of the factory restore USB in the glove box just in case you need to roll back for some urgent warranty work at the dealer. Customtronix will send you a copy of the restore ISO if you ask.
  • Installing the wire harness was easy. Remove the console, plug their harness in. 10 minute job.
  • I installed the emblem mounted front cam which they include in the Silver+ package. This was also an easy install after removing the grill. Run the RCA cable through the firewall (runner seal by the break pedal) and connect to FCA female input. Run black wire from camera to ground and red wire to + battery or you can splice into another power source if you prefer.

I have no experience working on vehicles and this installation took about 30 minutes. The toughest part was putting the dash/console back on as you have to line it up perfectly which is a bit awkward.

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