Uconnect 8.4 Canada hack

Update: iOS 9 has broken this hack. 

Unfortunately, unlike our friends south of the border, Canadian released vehicles such as the Ram 1500 which feature the Uconnect 8.4 system are unable to use features such as WiFi hotspot, Uconnect apps, remote locking and starting, etc.. To further compound the lack of features available on the Canadian Uconnect system, iPhone support for messaging is also absent, probably due to Apple’s restrictions regarding access to core applications.

Luckily, there is one feature we can get working here in the great white north, text message and email access, even if you have an iPhone.


  1. Create a U.S. Apple ID
  2. Install the UConnect app
  3. Connect to your car/truck via Bluetooth
  4. Run the UConnect app. (Create your user login the first time).
  5. From the app turn on “enable phone data for Via Mobile Apps”.
  6. Link the account Aha (create an account).

Once linked, the status icon should turn green. Now all your text messages and emails will pop on your UConnect while driving. You will be able to Listen or Read the messages but will not be able to respond.

Moving forward you can turn off “enable phone data for Via Mobile Apps” and each time you turn on the vehicle the system will automatically connect to the iPhone via Bluetooth and the UConnect app will automatically run in the background.


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