The Mysterious Turn-o-graph Japan Limited Production Green 116263

I was fortunate to have recently acquired a limited production Rolex Turn-o-Graph. It is not common in recent years for Rolex to release “limited production” watches, but occasionally they will release a region or market specific piece, not advertised anywhere outside the specific region. This leads me to the reason I am writing this particular post.

I bought this TOG in March 2015 and decided after a few weeks to visit my local AD to have it authenticated. To my surprise they were unable to authenticate the watch and stated that “..upon inspection of the watch, we contacted Rolex Canada and we can only authenticate the bracelet, case, movement and the dial. The green second hand and date wheel can’t be authenticated and do not appear to be manufactured by Rolex. ” Then they tried to compare it to pieces that go through an aftermarket “limited edition” process such as Project X Designs.

I can’t say this was a big surprise to me, especially after reading posts on TRF that highlighted a similar experience with Rolex USA several years back. I did, however, expect Rolex Canada to be a bit more insightful.

I took the watch the RSC in Toronto and they were also a bit perplexed, having never seen a TOG with a green second hand or date wheel. They offered to authenticate it with Switzerland directly and after a week of waiting I went to pick it up. I was pretty anxious to see their response and fully prepared to have to fly this thing out to Geneva myself if their answer did not satisfy my OCD.

Luckily, I recieved a thumbs up, accompanied by a bill confirming its authenticity. They were also kind enough to include a letter further clarifying details about the watch noting, “White and Green print (Limited Production)” typed on Rolex green paper with a gold crown embossed at the top.

If you’re interested in the you can read more about this watch in my previous post The Limited Edition Rolex Turn-o-Graph.




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